Conditions of use

By making purchases on this site, you agree that you are buying used or new but never opened products as described for each product and illustrated by images of the actual products for sale.

You agree to:

  • not hold me responsible for missing pieces in unopened items that may no longer be available.
  • not hold me responsible for minor differences in used products that may not be visible on the product images
  • contact me regarding any issue with your order before opening a dispute with your selected payment provider
    • I will do my best to resolve any issues so that it doesn't have to get to that point
  • realize that I'm a guy with a regular life that might get in the way of me shipping your order
    • I won't let it sit around for an extended period of time, but my family and day job are more important than toy soldiers
    • That said, I will still work really hard to ship items as fast as one guy can do it in nights and weekends
  • contact me with questions if you're not sure about something before you order the item(s)